List of Classes

General Classes

Kinder Circus

3-5 yrs

An opportunity for children and a parent/guardian to play and learn together. Both are actively involved for 1 hour of fun in all games and circus activities. Classes aim to stretch young brains and bodies, developing fine and gross motor skills.

Classes include a range of activities such as games, tumbling, circus circuits, acrobalances between parent and child, and guided play through an array of circus skills.

Tiny Tumblers

5-7 yrs

Our Tiny Tumblers learn to try new things in a fun, supportive environment as they are introduced to all areas of circus listed under 1. Classes (join us). Classes focus on how the children work as a team, encouraging responsibility and trust. Skill development is increased as they are introduced to more of the circus disciplines. Children are encouraged to articulate their experiences and offer positive feedback on each other. Participants gain friendships, trust, responsibility, confidence and fitness through games, circus circuits, gymnastics, and physical challenges.


8-10 yrs

This class is for beginners, as well as ongoing participants coming from Tiny Tumblers. The class includes creative games, team building activities, and conditioning exercises, specific skills development, and the chance to work creatively either individually or in groups. Participants are challenged in a fun atmosphere to build trust and friendships within the group and develop confidence in their physical and creative skills.


12-17 yrs

This class invites both beginners and those who have progressed through rockets. Circus skills are extended and further developed, and positive risk taking is encouraged in a safe and supportive environment. These classes involve performance making, utilizing students' creative minds and talents.

Aerials (Beginner)

Aerials specialty class. Here you learn all the different aerialistics, such as silks, aerial ring, trapeze, rope, net and straps. Participants can have no prior experience in circus or aerials.

Jets/Adults Class

18+ yrs

All skill levels are welcome! A class for adult circus enthusiasts with or without experience. Jets will give participants a chance to meet others and gain fitness/confidence whilst trying all categories of circus disciplines, including acrobatics, aerials, manipulation, performance and more. In each class free time allows for participants to work on their own circus goals under expert guidance.

Invitation-only Classes


7-12 yrs

This class progresses students' artistic development, and is the next step towards the advanced classes. This class will encourage participants to develop their skills and focus on more targeted disciplines within circus. If you tried Rockets or Thunderbolts and you want to learn even more even faster, this is your option!


11-16 yrs

Participants will have some proficiency in all areas of circus, be willing to develop their own acts/skills, and will gain more experience in public performance. These participants will not only learn about working with each other for fun, but being trustworthy and responsible as a group in semi-professional settings. Are you looking to develop your skills further and wish to concentrate on the performance side of circus, with a long term goal of reaching professional circus standards? Then this is the class for you!

Performance Troupe

12-18 yrs

Participants must apply for and be successful in an audition process. This class is dedicated to perfecting performance skills and putting together routines in preparation for public performance. Although this class is loads of fun if you like training hard, professionalism is expected. The performance troupe are encouraged to create their own acts, and to be dedicated members in group performances for community, festival and corporate settings.

Aerials (Intermediate & Advanced)

7-17 yrs

These two classes are the next step in aerial skills progression. Participants will have some experience in aerials, gained in the Beginner class or other general classes, and are excited to train hard and take their aerial abilities to the next level.