About Our Classes

Slipstream Classes

What can you learn?

Classes are designed to enhance confidence through strength and flexibility, acting and physical performance, creativity and general fitness.

Most classes run once or twice per week, and will progress students' skills over the course of the term and year.

You will find details of eah class in our list of classes. All general classes will teach:


Tightwire, walking globe, rolla-bolla, unicycle and German wheel


Group acrobalance, adagio, tumbling, trampoline, handstands, strength and flexibility


Diabolo, hula hoop, devil sticks, ribbon, juggling, poi and spinning plates


Static trapeze, aerial ring, tissu and rope

Movement and Performance

Dance, improvisation, theatre games, clowning and act creation

Which class suits me best?

For beginners of all ages, Slipstream offers a wide range of age-based general classes. There are also specialist classes for learning very particular skills, and invitational classes for students who show commitment to taking their circus to the next level.