Circus workshops are an unique way to interactively entertain an audience. Slipstream Circus provides unique and fun workshops for all ages.

Team building or Birthday Parties are just a few options on what you can book us for! Circus workshops are a great way to develop self-confidence, creativity, concentration, positive risk taking, discipline and problem-solving. Slipstream Circus provide unique, fun and challenging workshops for all ages and abilities that can be tailored to your needs.

What kind of workshops can it be?

General circus skill workshop: Your audience will be interactively drawn into all the different kind of circus skills circus offers you!

Specialist workshops: Because our trainers cannot teach every circus skill every class, specialist workshops will be made available if demand allows.

Who can do your workshop?

This can be any of our trainers or Freaks & Geeks performance group!

trainers: (classes) & Freaks & Geeks: Performances

What can a workshop look like?

some pictures of former workshops