Slipstream Circus is a non-profit Youth Circus. Circus Skills started in 1997 within Burnie Gymnastics club and SSC was incorporated in Ulverstone in 2000. Slipstream conducts classes in circus skills for all ages and skill levels. We aim to foster personal development as well as cooperation and community involvement.

What do we do?
a. Circus Classes, including a chance to perform in an all-members show for the public.
b. Workshops and Performances for events & festivals, book us!
c. School Programs & Social Circus to the community, Start a great collaboration with us.

The facts about the start of Slipstream:

1997 The circus skills program was founded (by Therese Ryan) as part of the Burnie Gymnastic Club overall programs. The program began with five participants one being Alison McCrindle, who was a self-taught juggler.

1998 The circus skills program was named Slipstream Circus by participant Alison Casey, a young adolescent participant. Chris Pidd was the trainer.

1999 Chris Pidd moved interstate and Jess McCrindle became the acrobatics trainer.

1999 The first Arts Tasmania grant was succesfull (done by Therese Ryan) to create a work for performance at the Tasmanian Circus Festival in March 2000. Dylan Hodda was employed to create the work, Dylan had done a 6 month pilot training with NICA in 1999 before the course became accredited and moved to Swinburne Uni campus. Jess McCrindle maintained the key acrobatics trainer.

2000 SSC inaugural performance March Tasmanian Circus Festival

2000 June Incorporation of SSC and move from Burnie Gym club to Ulverstone High School – Jess McCrindle, Alison McCrindle and Therese Ryan trainers

2000 September Jess audition for NICA made known as successful

2001 February Jess leaves to go to NICA

2001 February Pip Ray begins as trainer at SSC, Alison and Therese continue to be trainers, Meg Arvier does course to become trainer at SSC. Identification of the need for higher level trainer, employ Karen Kleinman Level 2 Accredited TGA trainer.

2002 Ulverstone Youth Week Performance (created by Jess McCrindle and Kane Petersen) and filmed by Snug Productions whilst creating the short film ‘Circus Girl’ (Alison McCrindle)

2002 October First SSC Theatre Performance (Alison, Pip, Therese, Meg, Beau, trainers)

2003 Jess McCrindle and Kane Petersen Head Trainers, Karyn Kleinman, Pip Ray, Meg Arvier Alison McCrindle, Beau Dudding.

2003 March Circus Festival work created by Jess McCrindle and Kane Peterson, as well as Kaleidoscope Youth Week performance at the DEC.

2003 November SSC Second Theatre Performance ‘Showtime’ created by Jess McCrindle and Kane Petersen mentored by Australia Council grant Chris Ryan (Performing Artists Theatre Specialty, Artistic Director of numerous Arts organisations Sydney NSW)

Slipstream Circus Inc. provides circus arts training programs and performance opportunities within safe, youth friendly spaces, in consultation with young people. The environment is designed to develop a sense of belonging to a group, as well as solidarity, perseverance, listening to others and respecting them, self-confidence, and participation in the community. These values result in personal development that is in harmony with the unique nature of each person.

Slipstream Circus programs improve physical health and develop resilience in young people. The programs provide strong, vital youth role models and foster broad public acceptance of young people’s needs so that positive images of youth are promoted.

The cornerstone of Slipstream Circus’ approach is based on a sincere respect for all participants. It is designed to contribute to the physical, human and social development of young people, giving them the tools they need to facilitate their integration into society at large. The goal is not to force young people to conform, but instead to give them a springboard toward another stage of development.

President: Meg Arvier
Vice President: John Fisher
Secretary: Helen Smith
Treasure: Abby Bindoff

Members: Alicia Voorwinde, Jodie Sharman, Kathryn Smith, Rebecca Priest.

We proudly thank for their funding grants and help:

– Regional Arts Tasmania

– Central Coast COuncil

– Medicare awards

– Sport and recreation Tasmania