Payment methods

Method Option Explanation Details
Electronic transfers:
– Internet banking
– Bank Deposit
• Only possible to pay the full amount at once (insurance and term fee).
• Invoice number + name as referral is a must!
• Pay within 2 weeks of start classes. Slipstream Circus Inc
Split payment option
– Bank Deposit (on request only)
• • The first payment is due the Monday after the first week
• You split the payment in 3 and add $0.5 per payment
• You pay that same date 3 times (monthly)
• The last payment has to be in before the last class of the term
Bank: B & E
Name: Slipstream Circus
BSB: 632 001
Account No: 1000 587 67

-Pay within 2 weeks of class start or a $5 admin costs will be charged.

* There won’t be an option to pay with cash or cheques. If you can’t pay in the above methods, please email or come and see the Program Coordinator and we can go through the options best for you!