Based on specialty


Aerials specialty class. Here you learn all the different aerialistics. From silks, A-ring, trapeze, corde, net and straps. For these classes you need a basic level of strength and a min of 6 years.


Hoops & tightwire specialty class give you the best hoop moves there are and also learn you to balance on a tightwire. You don't need any experience.


In this tumbling class we have 2 levels: foundation and intermediate so always a spot for you to start. This class is focused around gymnastics with handstands, cartwheels, trampolining etc.


Here you learn to juggle and you don't need experience. Juggle with balls, clubs, scarves and rings. Do it with your hands or feet make them bounce from the floor or an object, or juggle while standing on a big globe: it is all possible.


Are you excited to jump around, flips and tricks class needs no experience. Are you keen to flip around on the floor, airmat, trampoline, forwards, backwards or for now just safely on the ground, we have it for all levels.