Based on advanced skills

Hybrids (7-12yrs)

This class is the more advanced option of Rockets and Thunderbolts. This class will encourage participants to develop their skills and focus on more targeted disciplines within circus. If you tried Rockets or Thunderbolts for a term and you want to learn even more even faster, this is your option!

Tornadoes & Cyclones (6-15yrs)

This class is the most advanced group before you can get to the performance group called Freaks & Geeks. Participants will have some proficiency in all areas of circus, be willing to develop their own acts/skills, and will gain more experience in public performance. These participants will not only learn about working with each other for fun, but being trustworthy and responsible as a group in semi-professional settings. Are you looking to develop your skills further and wish to concentrate on the performance side of circus, with a long term goal of reaching professional circus standards? Then this is the class for you!

Freaks & Geeks (11-18yrs)

Participants must apply for and be successful in an audition process. This class is dedicated to perfecting performance skills and putting together routines in preparation for public performance. Although this class is loads of fun if you like training hard, professionalism is expected. Freaks and Geeks are encouraged to create their own acts, and to be dedicated members in group performances for community, festival and corporate settings.