Slipstream Classes

What will happen in class?

Classes are designed to enhance confidence through strength and flexibility, acting and physical performance, creativity and general fitness.

  • Equalabristics: Tight wire, big ball, roller boller wheel, uni-cycle and German Wheel
  • Acrobalance: Balance with/on/under other people
  • Manipulation:diabolo, hula hoop, devil sticks, ribbon, juggling balls, poi, spinning plates, clubs and rings
  • Aerials:static trapeze, aerial ring, tissue and corde/ rope
  • Gymnastics:tumbling
  • Dance/Movement:to gain body awareness & technique

What classes fits you or your child?

Children: Age Based classes (Inclusive Foundation classes):

  • Kinder Circus: 3-5yrs
  • Tiny Tumblers: 5 to 7yrs
  • Rockets: 8-10yrs
  • Thunderbolts: 10-12yrs
  • Dusk & Dawn: 12-16yrs

Children: By Invitation Only classes (Judged on Advanced skill):

  • Hybrids: 8-12yrs of intermediat level (BIO)
  • Tornadoes intermediate; Cyclones: advanced of intermediate-advanced standard (BIO)
  • Freaks and Geeks: Performance 11- 18 yrs (BIO)

(Young) Adults:

  • Jets: 16-65yrs (ADULT CLASSES)
  • Womens class: (parents classes)